Unmask Your Glorious Imperfect Soul

And Find Your Way Home

Meet Pamela Herrick

Spiritual Aromatherapist
Intuitive Healer in the Shamanic Tradition

Unmask your glorious, imperfect soul and find your way home. I help you see the bridge between your physical and spiritual self with Shamanic Healing. My practice is terribly modern. No feathers. No smoke. No idols. I simply become a mirror for you. All of you. Together we travel to the plain where you are making your soul’s walk and meet the souls who shape your journey. As a thoroughly modern Shaman, I incorporate doTERRA Essential Oils into our healing sessions as a powerful sensory tool to open up physical, emotional and spiritual connection. And I offer on-going support for deep and lasting wellness.


You have nothing to fear. You will see exactly what you need to see right now to help you find your way home. To your true self. 

For nearly 20 years, I have worked with clients and lead workshops as an intuitive healer and former practitioner of Thai Massage, a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. During my years in Thailand, I experienced many traditional, mystical rites and rituals which helped me to open my eyes to my life's work as a Shaman. Let's turn that radiant awareness upon you. Let's hear your messages and help you to accept and to heal.

I see clients in my studios in Red Hook NY or Vinalhaven ME (seasonally).

Pamela Herrick

MA Cultural History, BS Massage Therapy, LMT



Essential Oil

Discover natural solutions for your best physical, emotional and spiritual self. 


In person or video call.

1 hr  |  Free

Essential Oil Application

Topical application of essential oils along your spine and abdomen for pain, inflammation, digestion and more.

1 hr  |  $60

Classes and 

Use essential oils confidently and safely to experience natural wellness. 

Red Hook NY

Vinalhaven ME 

Free Classes



"Pam's little studio is calm and intimate, a perfect place to unwind and learn about your mind and body. I adore Pam’s energy and her holistic approach. She is a great administrator who follows up on your experience. She makes it easy to schedule and to understand the variety of essential oils she employs, so that all of us can practice better health at home."

— Wickham B., Writer

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52 Old Route 199, Red Hook NY 12571

1083 North Haven Road, Vinalhaven ME 04863

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