Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Pamela Herrick

Intuitive Healer in the Shamanic Tradition

When you trust your instincts, everything is easier.

I help you to validate your inner knowing and to see more clearly who and what influences your soul's journey, in this lifetime and past lives. Being fully witnessed with compassion is profoundly validating and healing.

For 20 years, I have worked with individuals and groups as an intuitive healer and teacher. Let's apply that vision to you. Visit my studios in Red Hook NY or Vinalhaven ME (in summer).

Pamela Herrick

MA Cultural History, BS Massage Therapy

Let me send you letters. Not newsletters, no. Messages from a deeply insightful friend who truly gets you. 


Jonathan Swift

Clarity and Insight Change Everything


"Working with Pam has deepened my awareness in countless ways. Her work gave me insight, confidence and validation. I feel clearer."

Julie Gammon . Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher


Intuitive Bodywork

Temporarily Closed due to Covid-19

Intuitive bodywork is an energetic session. Experience the healing power of being fully witnessed. Discover where you are on your soul's path. Validate your inner knowing and see who and what influences your journey, in this lifetime.

Image by Riccardo Mion
Lean in to Your Intuition

Postponed due to Covid-19

Gain trust and mastery of your natural intuitive ability. This small group experience is magical. Join me in my Tiny House in NY or at Camp Fox Rocks on my Maine island, and let's dig deeply into the Shamanic together.

VH Retreats.JPG
Intuitive Retreats on a Maine Island

July 11-14 and 15-18

Postponed due to Covid-19. Come to Camp Fox Rocks on Vinalhaven island and discover your true nature. Experience deeper intuitive awareness with the guidance and experience of three Intuitive Healers. Give yourself the gift of insight.

"Having been a client of Pam's for nearly 20 years, I am impressed by her passion for and dedication to her work and her ability to know exactly what a client needs."

Linda Gray


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Red Hook NY and Vinalhaven ME

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