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In the quiet interval which has enveloped our healing arts practices, I have created an opportunity just for you. A scholarship for a free, 3-month one-on-one Intuitive Healer Mentorship. It's what I know how to do, and it's how I can best serve our community of healers as we wait for our self-isolation to be lifted.

Let's look together at the Unseen World which reflects our own. Let's ask the hard questions together to understand what forces send ripples across the surface of all things.

The Scholarship is for You if,

  • You are a Healing Arts Practitioner who works one-on-one with clients, or are training to do so.

  • You have experienced the intuitive in your practice and want to explore and develop those skills.

  • You are excited (and maybe a little uncertain) about announcing to your community that you are an intuitive.

  • You will commit to devoting about 3 hours a week to the mentorship with an open heart and honest communication.

How it Works

The mentorship will run from May 1 to July 31 and is designed to support you right where you are now and to move you forward in your intuitive work. Each week you will receive a prompt for self-exploration or for experimental work with others. We will meet in a weekly video conference to guide your work and respond to what emerges in your process. Expect to keep a record of your work, whether in the form of a journal, videos or artwork. Think of it as your roadmap to a deeper practice.

The mentorship requires no in-person contact and is conducted entirely via video conferencing (though I shall sincerely hope to give you a big hug one day soon!).

No Worries, What This is Not

This is not a time for producing. Anything. And this Mentorship is not about "doing." Think - "being."

This is not a class. These are not assignments. This is a relationship. An unfolding conversation between you and me, and all of those who guide you from the Unseen World.

This is not a competition. But you knew that. This is a gentle process to find a good fit. For you and for me.

Why This? Why Now?

Because now is a time to do our internal work. Because collegial exchange is fundamental to our growth, yours and mine. But, most importantly, because we are called now to serve in new ways.

I do not have all the answers. No one does. But I look forward to exploring the questions with you.

How to Apply

Email by Saturday 4/25 Please provide your Name and Contact Info including your website and social media. Tell me why the Mentorship is for you by addressing the four bullet points above.

Describe how you will use the Mentorship to serve your community.

You can write or video record your application to make submission easy. I recognize that the most intuitive among us are not necessarily great weavers of the written word. Tell me what you want me to know in any medium that works best for you. Make it easy.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help.

When You'll be Notified

I will select one scholarship winner and notify all who apply on Wednesday 4/29.

All are encouraged to apply. Truly all.

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