Symbolic Landscapes and Shamanic Journeys

In my Shamanic work, there are two landscapes to which we journey, you and me. I think of these places as the Invisible World. It is concurrent with our own and accessible at all times. We enter it simply by opening our intention. Not through a portal, instead through our expanded awareness. It is ever-present. This Invisible World communicates with us in symbolic language. Its vocabulary and syntax are expressed in changes to the terrain which happen before our eyes, in our quality of movement through the landscapes, and in who turns up to meet us there with an intention all their own.

These two landscapes, a high mountain plateau and a deep, blue mountain lake, exist in relationship to one another, and we move back and forth between them as easily as we draw breath. But, we must learn to walk before we can learn to swim. Allow me to explain.

The high mountain plateau represents our journey along our soul’s path. The path is a dusty, well-worn footpath gently impressed with the bare foot prints of the ages. The path extends as far as our eye can see, from the tips of our toes to the distant horizon. Tall grass tickles at the sides of our bare legs and extends across the vast, open plain. The grass is the color of straw, bleached in the long days of summer, and if we tune our ear to it, we will hear the buzzing of thousands of insects and the songs of meadow birds. The open plain is ringed by a soft green horizon line of trees. These trees form a border around the natural landscape, the walled garden of our soul’s journey. The future lies ahead and the past, in this lifetime and in others, lies behind in a grass-free, other-worldly realm which can feel crowded with nondescript people and events that we may or may not remember.

The second landscape, the deep, blue mountain lake, is a side journey from our soul’s path, and as you might guess, it is where we do our deep work. The surface of the denim-blue water is impossibly still. The lake is deep and wide, bounded by sharp peaks in full and lush foliage. There is only one way out of the water, a shallow gravelly bit of shoreline in sharp contrast to the rest of the rugged, rocky shore. We may find ourselves in a boat on the water, perhaps swimming or floating in the blue deep or even resting quietly on the soft, cool bottom, our feet planted and our body gently swaying in the cool, dark currents as if we were a plant reaching toward the light on the surface.

I have witnessed profound enlightenment and healing as I have watched dear souls navigate the high mountain plateau and the deep, blue lake under the gentle guidance of those who come to meet them.

This blog is a place for sharing what I have seen for others and for myself on that spiritual path. It is my intent to guide you in your own Shamanic experiences, of course, but also to normalize our collective experience of the Invisible World, which is ever-present to help us heal.

It is a delight to have you on this journey with me.

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